Finally guys, FINALLY! I have an update on this readathon and my pokemon Ralts! I thought my poor baby would never evolve at the rate I am reading and tweeting. So since next week will be the last week I AM GOING ALL OUT!!! I will go crazy with my tweets and pics taken with Pokemon Go (to be honest I do not have the app so I will borrow my friends phone to capture the pics… This is what bestfriends are for). So continuing with the update/overview of Ralts!


Initial Stats: 10CP

  • 4 tweets = +8CP (god this is embarassing… 4 tweets?! JUST 4?!)
  • Read (+31CP) + Reviewed (+20CP) + Finished (+20CP) ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ = +71CP
  • Read (+48CP) + Reviewed (+20CP) + Finished (+20CP) ‘The Scorpio Races’ = +88CP


Total = 167CP + 10CP = 177CP


So, Ralts has now evolved to Kirlia and obtained another 50 CP totaling it to 227CP!!!!! Yeay! This evolution and earning two badges which was the Flame badge and also the Cascade badge.

Now witness my trainer card which is a complete mess but all the same at least I have one now >w<

download (1).jpg