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Yeah this is a Thursdays with Ezza done on a Monday because last week this dim witted fool posted double reviews and thus leaving Mondays post empty. Tsk Tsk Tsk. So this post is more like a rant as to why I cannot digest YA any longer.

The first time I got sick of the YA genre was about 4-5 years ago when the whole star-crossed lover’s ft supernatural creatures were all the hype (I am talking about you Twilight and Linger and god knows what else). After that I took an approximate 4 year break form the main YA genre. I still read a lot of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson but not the main main YA because my soul had given up on it.

Lately on blogs I saw that a lot of people and I mean a lot have really liked the newer generation of YA books so I thought ‘hey maybe after 4 years-ish it will be different’ and so I plunged in again into the YA world and lo and behold I am once again at that crossroad of either wanting to give up or continue to persevere and see whether my soul can be salvaged.

I am at the crossroad because obviously I have not read the really famous ones like ‘ACOMAF’ or ‘Vicious’ or ‘Cinder’ etc so I can’t really say that yeah I’d give up again but because I have read ‘The Scorpio Races’, ‘Red queen’ and now ‘The Fading Dusk’ and some others I can’t really remember I feel like my soul just CANNOT DIGEST IT anymore.

I do not like reading a book and just feeling annoyed out of my mind at the characters and occasionally the plot. Reading should be fun and enjoyable not filled with annoyance. The reason why I feel so annoyed with YA sometimes is because of:

  • Insta-love
    • What in the damn hoodly hey! Nobody falls in love instantaneously! That is either infatuation or lust. Insta-lust I totally get but not insta-love. Some insta-love happens so quick you really have to wonder why this young lady is the main character when she obviously cannot control herself and is doing some really dubious actions.
  • Love triangle
    • I SWEAR TO GOD THIS ANNOYS ME TO HELL AND BACK! Always with the damn love triangle. If it was well written, well plotted, I wouldn’t mind. I mean I loved the love triangle in ‘The Hunger Games’ that is a well written love triangle. If you must have a love triangle at least spruce it up a bit. Why must it always be two men and one woman? Why can’t it be two women one man? Or all three of them women? Maybe one is transgender?
  • Heroines that have no idea what to do
    • I especially hate it if they are written to supposedly be spunky and a rebel but just comes off as annoying, obnoxious and annoying. I don’t like heroines that constantly needs to be saved or helped. That is a damsel in distress not heroine. I want them to at least have an inkling of what to do next if they do not know what to do next then at least be bad ass at something. Anything. Knitting maybe? Brush lettering? Some sort of skill that makes you worthy of being a heroine rather than just be the object of affection for two males who for some reason just has to like you out of the almost 8 billion population on Earth.
  • Characters that cannot see the bigger picture
    • Like they think they know all that and they be all flippin tables and freakin out and refusing to listen to reason from older characters because lets face it these young adults KNOW EVERYTHING. Like I wish I can tell them to calm yo tits down girl! and think logically for once and not just go all YOLO with life.

So far this all I have got for now, it’s not much but it sure is enough for me to really think should I continue with this YA quest? A part or me wants to read all those famous YA books right now just to see what is the hype about and whether they deserve it but another part of me just doesn’t want to be annoyed and at the end disappointed.

Yes yes I know I rated the ‘The Scorpio Races’ a 4 (I think) but if you read that review then you would know it took me 80% of the book to finally like heroine. That is about 380 ish pages to finally have a smidge of emotion for the heroine other than annoyance and the feeling that she is rather dim. If it takes a reader that long to like a character that is not a good sign.

Maybe I just need a semi-break from YA. Yeah I think that is the answer to that I will read mainly other genres and then throw in one YA book a month to freshen up my reading palette. One YA book I am very interested in reading is that Lunar Chronicles series book thing. From what I have been reading on Goodreads and blogs the book doesn’t seem to have things that trigger my annoyance but alas my library doesn’t stock those books.

I think my annoyance is also partially due because of age perhaps? Maybe internally I am a 85 year old woman who is so done with mish mash problems of fictional youth.