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This is another diary-ish post, if you haven’t noticed lately I have only been posting only reviews and I feel guilty that I don’t do ‘Top Ten Tuesdays’ or ‘WWW Wednesdays’ etc anymore and it’s not that I don’t want to. I do but I have been swamped with work literally SWAMPED. During my lunch hour I just sleep my exhaustion off. Mental exhaustion that is and this caused me to slack off in my blogging.

I feel bad because there is so many things that need my attention that my focus for my blog is shoved aside. I have work, then chores which if you must know also includes Malaysian style gardening which just involves; me, a machete and a forest…  A  LITERAL FOREST OF WEEDS to chop down, then there is the occasional exercise then it is time for reading and practice my brushlettering and this is not including family time or religious classes during the weekends which I am coerced to go by my mother.

So as you can see I am SWAMPED so by the time I finally get to my blog I am just too tired to do anything but I will try to improve and do the whole write a bunch of posts and schedule it out. I just gotta find my rhythm again and since tomorrow is a holiday I will use that to get my blog affairs straight.

Till then friends. 😀