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Hey guys, I am taking a break or I will be on hiatus until I get my shit together. This is very bad for my blog which in turn is bad for my Netgalley rating I know but at this moment in time I am working three jobs. My main receptionist job and two tuition jobs and I cannot keep up. I do not have much free time unless I make time which in turn makes me exhausted. Like legit exhausted. So until I have time to actually sit down in one sitting and chunk write all my reviews and blog posts I will be taking a break. This break might last until I actually have internet at home which hopefully be in a months time. So I am so sorry to readers who read my blog but I really can’t keep up. My main problem is the time of which I do not have to handle everything from reading books, to writing reviews, prep work for all my tuition classes, and my main job I swear I am feeling BURNED OUT. I am even contemplating to quit my receptionist job if they don’t either give me a better position or a better pay. My exhaustion has reached up to that point. Again I am sorry and I will strive to do better in the future