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Okay I was tagged by Laura on her blog for this tag and I am excited to do it! So, let’s get STARTTEEEEEEDDD!

fall tag 1

This book was refreshing for me because the book gave me hope for Malaysian books. That Malaysian books aren’t fully dominated by only cheesy romances there were books out there that talked about more. The book was basically one guys memoir on his struggles on studying abroad. It was a fun and insightful read.

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fall tag 2

I am blown away by the ending because the murderer got acquitted! She got acquitted can you believe it?! Candy Montgomery chopped Betty Gore up (the poor woman may her soul RIP) WITH AN AXE and the crazy bitch got acquitted due to, if I read this book correctly, HER SPOTLESS REPUTATION! So yeah damn straight I am blown away.

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fall tag 5

This book was so funny for me and at this time I have yet to read a historical romance that was witty and freaking hilarious. I didn’t want to put my usual books in this section because I have overused it by now in my book tags.

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fall tag 6

I didn’t particularly like this book but I did want to read it because I found the cover girl so intriguing.


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