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I didn’t plan to watch Frozen 2 honestly but my girlfriends wanted to and I thought why the hell not, I had already watched Frozen why not Frozen 2.

So, watch it we did and surprisingly I found myself highly enjoying the movie even though I had a few misgivings about Frozen 2.

Let me start off this review discussing about things or aspects of Frozen 2 that I found entertaining.

First off, my favorite part of the movie was Olaf. Hot damn Olaf was on fire in this movie! That little snowman was freaking hilarious! He was so funny and was the star of the movie in my eyes and stole the spotlight in every scene he was in and this is coming from a person who disliked Olaf in the first Frozen movie. Olaf was perfect in this movie.

Second thing I love, Kristoff’s singing montage. PERFECTION! I truly felt I like I was watching a music video whereby I truly felt and embraced what Kristoff was feeling. The backup singing reindeers also helped elevate the feels of the song.

What I liked from the movie out of the way let us walk through what I did not enjoy.

This point it is not even dislike, I hated it. THE AMOUNT OF SINGING THAT OCCURS IN THIS GOD DAMNED MOVIE! Can anybody just not sing for 5 minutes… please… just do anything else but singing?

Every part of the movie there has to be singing… Intro of the movie we get a singing scene. Elsa talks for a bit then more singing… Anna talks for a bit then more singing… and more singing and what do you know? MORE SINGING!!! I was at my wits end not halfway through the movie my patience thinning on me with the amount of singing that had happened.

Don’t get me wrong. The songs were good, genuinely, but you don’t have to sing every single time. The first Frozen the songs had a purpose and they were spaced well between each other so the adults watching these movies don’t feel the need to roll their eyes for the umpteenth time.

Also, the plot of Frozen 2 was just so convoluted it boggled my mind and I am 26.

This is spoiler so read at your own risk.

I just did not understand why Elsa only heard the singing voice from the enchanted forest now.

Why now?

Why not when she was a child?

Why not in the first movie?

Was it because this entity knew to wait when Elsa had her powers under control if so how does this entity know?

That part in my mind should have been made more explicit and I felt like throughout the whole movie parts of the plot were just a roundabout way of getting to the same point and felt like filler.

Unfortunately, Elsa and Anna fall into my dislike category. Anna was so annoying with her hovering and helicoptering with Elsa and Elsa was annoying for not sharing things with Anna making Anna even more paranoid and anxious.

I get it Anna you worry for your sister but bitch she has ice powers. Baby girl, sometimes you just gotta let your sister do her thing alone. You’re just gonna be in the way.

Well, that’s my review. Not the best but I just wanted to share my thoughts and express my feelings on Frozen 2.

I still highly recommend anybody to watch this movie, Olaf is reason enough to watch this movie.