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My Girl Book Cover My Girl
Jack Jordan
4th July 2016

Paige Dawson: the mother of a murdered child and wife to a dead man.

She has nothing left to live for… until she finds her husband’s handgun hidden in their house.

Why did Ryan need a gun? What did he know about their daughter’s death?

Desperate for the truth, Paige begins to unearth her husband’s secrets.

But she has no idea who she is up against, or that her life isn’t hers to gamble – she belongs to me.

Okay I have to put the disclaimer out there. I requested this book 2 years ago on Netgalley so the finished book might have minor differences to the e-ARC I was given and yes I do realize 2 years to finally read and post a review for an e-ARC is completely ridiculous but I had just gotten my Netgalley okay and went batshit crazy in requesting books. Main thing is, I am here now so let’s get to the review.

I wanted to like this book because it seemed to be right up my alley. A mystery, a murder and a woman out to search for answers but what I attained from this book was just absolute confusion and bamboozlement (I don’t think this is a real word but I like it henceforth I will use it).

We meet Paige, a drug addict and alcoholic, who is living her days either high as a kite or black out drunk. She has become an addict to cope with losing her only daughter to murder a decade ago and then her husband who had committed suicide 2 months before the start of the plot.

From the get go, I had disliked her as a character. I felt that she was rude to her mother-in-law Greta and is a selfish person. I understand that people grieve very differently and the loss of a loved one takes a horrific toll on your psyche but she has to realize that she isn’t the only one who has lost loved ones. Greta and Robert, her in-laws lost their son and their granddaughter too so I really do feel like sometimes Paige just has to get her head out of her ass and get shit done.

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Also, this might have to do with my Asian lineage whereby you do not be rude to your elders no matter whatever shit you have been through. Shit talk behind their back is fine because you know you’re just venting.

Other than having problems with the main character, I also had problems with the writing and pacing of the book. The writing takes me out of my feel when reading it because I honestly felt like this book had no over-arching plot. The author did try to put in bits and pieces of plots here and there but they felt more like appetizers than anything and I am reading this book confused as ever as to what exactly is happening.

We follow Paige as she goes through her day; wakes up, gets high or drunk before the afternoon rolls along then she gets annoyed and is rude to Greta then she blacks out and it repeats. There are instances where the author tries to create suspense by insinuating that Paige might be losing her mind as she realizes that things in her house are moved around or are missing but she has no recollection of it but this is such an obvious trope that it just fell flat and is uninteresting.

The pacing is just all over the place, the first half of the book is slow, boring, depressing, plot meanders all over the damn place then you get to the second half of the book and shit just hits the fan and I am completely baffled at the audacity of the writing.

I did not anticipate the plot twist not because it was a good plot twist but because it came so far out of left field that it is akin to Sherlock Holmes mid-case just came out and announced to everybody in London that he and Watson have been moonlighting as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to pay their bills.

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Right. The antagonist is her brother who was obsessed with Paige and they had an abusive incestuous relationship to which Paige did not remember as she blocked the memories out.

My question was WTF?

We never got any indication that her brother, Maxim, was antagonistic whatsoever.

All we got is that he is a caring and loving brother towards his out of control sister. That was it.

And now you expect me to believe he has been obsessed with his sister his whole life? He kidnapped and cut off his niece’s arm so she can be a substitute for his sister and have a horrendous sex-slave-faux-family with Chloe (Paige’s daughter).

What? How? When? Where are the signs????

You can’t just throw that info at me without foreshadowing it. This is not plot twist. This is just bullshit.

So, in conclusion I disliked this book because of the plot and sloppy pacing and this book was just not my thing.