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It is almost 2020 and one of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more and I thought to myself why don’t I write a list of how I can achieve that and not be burnt out by the end of it. 

These are the tips I found on the internet and other blogs that I wanted to try out and see if it worked. Some of them I had already implemented in my reading routine, some I have yet to try. 

The 100 page rule 

This will be hard for me to enact because I am the type of reader that can hate-read a book. I can finish reading a book I hate to convince myself this cannot be it, this book has to give me more. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS MEDIOCRITY! Case in point is Lethal White by Robert Gailbraith, that book was 656 pages long and I hated every single page of it yet I still finished it.  

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My biggest problem with this tip is that I cannot afford Audible and the ones that are available to me are not my type of books but in the spirit of improvement I will give it a go especially since I found that Spotify has a section just for audiobooks. 

Make time to read 

This I can definitely do it just needs willpower and lack of distraction. I just need to fooocussss…..

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Read a minimum of 5 pages a day

Like tip number 3 this is definitely doable because the hardest thing to do anything is starting. Once you start you’re good to go.

Read using the pomodoro technique

This relates to tip number 3 and I actually did do it and I did read more during the week that I tried this tip out.

Set a REALISTIC reading target

Yes folks REALISTIC! Not all of us are like C.G. Drews aka paperfury who reads voraciously and racks up reading stats of 300 books a year… 

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Make reading a priority

Yes. Simple but effective! I have to tell myself no! You will not continue to build your gunpla today YOU MUST READ! You can build your gunpla tomorrow… Currently I am building the 00 Gundam gunpla. I can’t wait to share pics on my Instagram once I am done!

Just be chill

Reading is a hobby and hobbies are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. So, I am not going to stress out next year in regards to my reading. As long as I read and enjoy it, no worries… #madblessings