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I finally have the time to post something, chalk it up to my eternal procrastination and booming proofreading side gig!

Now if you must know (nobody asked but hey a girls gotta hustle for that coin)  I provide proofreading services so if you ever are cramped for time and need someone to go through your work, hit me up! My prices are very affordable and I pride myself in providing the best service I can.

*shameless self-promo over*

ezza's life

Everybody’s pretty psyched for Christmas and I am ambivalent over it probably because I am Muslim and don’t celebrate Christmas unless I get invited to a friend’s open house then what do you know I am celebrating it.

Nothing much is happening in my life, okay that’s a fat lie there is one HUGE THING that is going to happen tomorrow but I feel uncomfortable sharing this on my blog, if you know you know.

Aside, from my proofreading gig, I am also in the midst of crocheting BOOKSLEEVES! They’re not done yet and when they are I will post them on my social media and hopefully there will be bookworms who would love to purchase them.

books read

I read and reviewed FOUR BOOKS this month and for me that is a huge achievement.

The reviews for the following books are here:

  1. My Girl: 2/5
  2. My Darling Duke: 5/5
  3. Science of The Magical: 4/5
  4. Wild, Wild Rake: 3/5

blog posts

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  1. Unforgettable Books
  2. Fall Book Tag
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misc updates

Okay last month I watched two movies Frozen 2 and Knives Out. I already talked about Frozen 2 so I will briefly discuss my thoughts on Knives Out. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed Knives Out, it is such a suspenseful and quirky whodunit movie.

I watched so many YouTube Channels I can’t even begin but I will share a few of my fav’s in November:

  1.  Kennie J.D: Bad Movies and a Beat series
  2. Stephanie Harlowe: Cults series (The Branch Davidians)

Also, I have been watching BoJack Horseman and have been loving it so yeah