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I am obsessed with True Crime and have been so since I was younger and is continuously intrigued by the psychology and the human aspect of the crime. The why more than the how… Why did they commit the crime? Why was the murder or the crime done so violently? TELL ME!

And that is how I discovered the True Crime YouTube community and have been binge listening to the YouTubers ever since and today I want to share with you my favorite True Crime YouTubers

Bailey Sarian

I love Bailey!!! She is hilarious and that intro song to her Murder Mystery and Make-up is BOMB!

Her videos are not as in-depth nor as long as the other YouTubers that I watch but Bailey’s commentary and how she reacts just cracks me up that I cannot help but enjoy her videos and look forward to every Monday for a new upload.

Stephanie Harlowe

I think I talked about Stephanie before on my blog but I can’t remember. Stephanie’s videos are very detailed and she talks about the case in a very neutral manner and when she does insert her own feelings and thoughts about it she will say so clearly.

I wasn’t as into her Coffee and Crime Time videos but after awhile those videos grew on me and it is such a nice break from her usually long videos discussing in absolute detail about a case she has been researching on.

Shauna Rae

Okay, Shauna’s videos are not easy on your time. Her videos ARE LONG! Her last video was more than 2 hours and it kind of made me laugh thinking about it because she did a poll asking if her audience wanted longer videos or shorter ones and most of us (Yes, I voted too) said we wanted longer ones and boy did she deliver.

Samantha M.

Sam’s videos are relatively short and focus more on Australian true crime which I quite like because when I do my own True Crime YouTube channel I do plan to just focus more on my own country.

Notable Mentions

These are not my favorite true crime YouTubers but I do listen to their videos a lot especially waiting for uploads from my fav ones.

Danelle Hallan

Eleanor Neale

Mollie Westbrook

Bella Fiori

I realized that my fav ones tend to be the ones whose videos are literally a feature-length movie minus Samantha M. and Bailey but hey these two I like because of their personality and Bailey is hella funny.

So, here is my list of favorite true crime YouTubers. I do want to start my own soon but maybe when I am less hectic with work and have time to dedicate myself to researching cases I find interesting then I will do it and when I do I will definitely keep ya’ll posted.