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I just finished watching a Netflix original series titled Parfum (it’s English title obviously translates to Perfume) and this will be my haphazard attempt at reviewing the series.


We start off with the murder of Katharina (“K”) Läufer whereby her red hair, the pubic and the axillary hair have been removed and this murder is investigated by investigators Nadja Simon and Matthias Köhler and prosecutor Grünberg.

The main suspects for her murder are 4 friends who were a tightknit group back in their school days consisting of Moritz de Vries, Roman Seliger, Elena Seliger, Daniel Sluiter and Thomas Butsche.

Soon after though, more bodies are found with wounds similar to Katharina and the investigators must find out what the hell is going on.

My first impression of watching the first episode was that the series was shot beautifully. It didn’t look like a Netflix series (not that I know what a standard Netflix series would look like considering I don’t watch them) but looked more high end and that reeled me in, making me interested to watch more.

I also quite enjoyed the overall plot of the series as it makes you think of the ramifications of each character and their actions. Who was the true killer? The mastermind of it all or the person who perpetrated the killings?

And yet to say that the mastermind was the true killer would prove false as had it not been the perpetrator who hired said mastermind nothing would have come to fruition. I know I make no sense here but you must watch the series to somewhat understand where I am coming from.


Moritz was hired by Lydia to create for her a perfume to which she will be loved and he asked from her to get ingredients that can only be obtained through the murder of very specific women of where Lydia only got to know of them through her patient, Daniel Sluiter. 

Henceforth, the question who is the true killer? Lydia, who was selfish enough to want this perfume or Daniel, who planted the idea in her head and who told her what he and his school friends did back in the day? or is it Moritz who himself did not perpetrate any murders yet was hired to create this perfume and in essence needed said ingredients?

If Lydia did not hire Moritz perhaps he could have created the perfume through less murderous means. The perfume might not been as potent but he might not have been tempted to create it has Lydia not appeal to his more sadistic side. 

Not all is sunny for me regarding this series though.

I felt like the series had far too many characters and due to it only being 6 episodes not all of them had a compelling background to which we as the audience can empathize and relate although to be quite honest all of the characters were really shitty people except for Matthias Köhler, he I thought was a good egg. Everybody else was shit.

One character though annoyed the bejeezus out of me and that is Elena. For fracks sake, please stand up for yourself woman. Yes, she is an abuse victim and it is difficult for them to stand up to their abusers but she did not want or look for help and when she did the help was through faking a murder??? And what she did to that boy when she was a young girl was unforgivable for me. What a selfish prat.

Another thing that did not allow me to connect more on an emotional level with the series was how it was cut or portrayed. The cuts made me confused as it would make the audience insinuate as to what truly happened and I for one do not like that. I want to know legitimately what happened.

One case for this was when Roman, Thomas and Moritz first met Elena, they cornered her and it cuts away and when it cuts back she is crying and Roman asks does she still like them so I am like wait was she assaulted? Especially since in another scene Daniel states that had she just reported the boys back then they would be in jail hence my thinking of was she raped? bullied? What? What is going on.

Apart from that, the constant flashback to when the friends were younger also irked me because there is too much flashbacks and yet it doesn’t really show much or have much exposition.

I think these are all my thoughts on the series.

In conclusion, while the show was not perfect I will definitely recommend for people to give this series a go. It is intriguing and has some though provoking themes that the audience might enjoy.