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I swear I keep saying I will get better at posting more regularly but seeing as how I was MIA yet again for a few weeks goes to show that I am in actuality not getting any better and so I am back again with my metaphorical tail between my legs to present to you my thoughts on the BBC Dracula that aired on Netflix.

Quite a mouthful for just an intro no?

How I was introduced to the BBC Dracula on Netflix was simply due to Netflix recommending it to me and I saw that the creators of the show were the same as Sherlock and I thought to myself, “Hmm… I immensely enjoyed Sherlock. Not so Season 3 or 4 but overall that was a quality show.”

I told my boyfriend I wanted to buddy watch it with him because why not and with that, the review finally commences…

At first viewing of the very first episode, I could not stop complaining to my boyfriend of the inaccuracies I saw.

I mean Mina Harker is a blonde in this series. A blonde. This brings me to horrific flashbacks of the Percy Jackson movie whereby not only Annabeth Chase’s eyes were not grey she was a BRUNETTE in the movies.

But then…

Oh but then…

Dracula became younger towards the end of the first episode and well just take a look for yourself…

I am not ashamed to admit I mostly continued watching because the actor who played Dracula was just so damn fine.

Okay, back to business, after all the complaining to my boyfriend (I have to shamelessly insert my boyfriend here okay… don’t judge) of how this adaptation wasn’t like the book, I found myself highly enjoying the first two episodes especially the feud and the sparring of wits between Agatha and Dracula and I was more than willing to just close my eyes on a few glaring issues.

I mean it was entertaining, the first episode was gripping especially seeing Jonathan Harker going crazy and looking worse for wear then you see Dracula’s bride who he chose based on how interesting he finds them and not due to gender which is quite progressive in my opinion.

The second episode was even more fun because it had hints of being a mystery thriller as you are thinking who will be the next victim, why are these people on this ship, will anybody survive, will Dracula be defeated? Will Agatha win? Will she become the next best vampire and it will be a vampire vs vampire situation???? or will she have a star-crossed lover or a love-hate relationship whereby they enjoy each other’s company but are sworn enemies???? WHAT WILL HAPPEN DAMN IT?

Image result for suspense gif

The suspense was killing me, I tell you.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. The third episode killed any enthusiasm I felt for this series. That episode made me have so many questions that went unanswered. I did not like Dracula personality-wise in the latter half of the episode. He lost his charisma and magnetic personality and dare I say his wit.

The third episode literally ruined the series for me because I just could not for the life of me get over the unending questions that lingered and ran and zoomed and popped up in my brain. To hell with how good Claes Bang looked.

Like, okay let me list down my questions and you would understand why this would take away any enjoyment I had watching this show as a whole yeah?

  1. If Dracula is supposedly the first vampire, why are there so many undead in the world? Is this just some disease or virus that is happening ala Covid-19 because in the third episode there was a shitload of undead at that the cemetery when Dracula and Lucy be hanging out there and mind you by then Dracula had just awoken from his 123 years hibernation. Unless he just woke up on random occasions to get a little snackity snack I don’t see how there are so many undead. Which brings me to the next question.
  2. If Dracula isn’t the one creating the undead who is? Is everybody a vampire???? Did the previous undead bite another human making them the undead as well? But if this is the case wouldn’t this just be a pandemic again ala Covid-19???
  3. Why is Dracula the only undead who retains his human look as well as intelligence? Was it because of his diet and being picky of whom he gets his blood from?
  4. If the undead created by Dracula slowly rot and die how did Dracula become a vampire and how would another person be a vampire??? what is the true lore of this series??
  5. Why is everybody so quick and willing to believe the existence of vampires by the third episode? What world is this? Is this some sort of alternate universe or something?
  6. What the fuck happened in episode 3 when Zoe “killed” Dracula? All those shit he was scared of was basically just him being a pussy??? Hello… I need more context for this. Give me backstory so I can empathize and understand more because at this rate my mind is permanently stuck at what the fuck is going on.
  7. So, if Dracula dies do all of the undead he created dies off too?

Image result for what is going on gif

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the first two episodes of this series. It was entertaining and gripping and puts a fresh take on the Dracula story but the third episode was not up to par with the rest of the series. Making this episode in the modern age took away the glamor and mystery that Dracula has. Overall, I do recommend people to watch this series. It is really good, it just has obvious plot holes so yeah.