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I am beyond surprised that 1) I read 8 books (Okay it’s actually 7 but I wanted to include that one lonely book I read in February) and (2) I am now an audiobook fanatic.

This audiobook craze happened because of the MCO which Malaysia is currently under and when I found out how affordable Scribd was. It’s RM 11.90 a month guys! Like come on!

And considering how I listen to podcasts and documentaries when I work this was a Godsend and with that on with the wrap-up we go!

Like I said above I read 8 books whereby 5 of them are audiobooks and the rest are hardcopy I borrowed from the library.

Also, can we all be proud that almost all of these books I actually posted a review (the review for My Friend Anna will be posted on 9th April so stay tuned)? Is this truly Wawasan 2020?

Books I rated 2.5/5 (but in Goodreads & my blog its 3 but yeah)

my friend anna

erotic stories for punjabi widows
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Books I rated 3/5

Gelap review
What happens in London review

Books I rated 5/5

the prince and the dressmaker by jen wang
The Prince and the Dressmaker review


the seven husbands of evelyn hugo
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo review
Coraline review
the travelling cat chronicles
The Travelling Cat Chronicles review