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Gantung Book Cover Gantung
Nadia Khan
Buku Fixi
1st January 2013
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Gibbs, Ray, KJ are Troll are best friends at an elite secondary school. They have a code: none of them can have an exclusive relationship with a girl; she must be shared. But when one of the guys breaks this code, the consequences turn dire - and even deadly.

Before I start this review, I must say my Sherlock detective skills are on point! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!

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The reason for this is that 95% of my theories as to how the plot will be unveiled was PROVEN, ACCURATE BABY!!!

Okay, okay let’s get this review on the road.

This book was highly enjoyable and I actually finished it in less than a day, it shows it’s two days in Goodreads because I started reading at midnight.

The plot was very interesting and the usage of non-linear timelines was ingenious in my opinion to convey the story that needs telling.

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Aside from the engrossing plot and writing, I also quite like the characters where their individuality shined through and made the book gripping and even harder to put down.

My downsides regarding this book were the ending, in my opinion, it didn’t suit the overall plot and it didn’t deliver in terms of a fulfilling resolution. I am hoping that the sequel will give me the ending that I hope to get regarding this series but it just makes me dissatisfied because why should I read the sequel to get a satisfying ending for the first book.

While I said that I enjoyed the plot and the author’s writing, I do not enjoy the pacing of this book. The pacing was too fast for me which strips away my ability as a reader to further empathize, relate and get to know the characters on a deeper level.

Another downside, that just occurred to me was the overuse of sex in this book. I am not a prude but you know when an author is writing something in just for the shock value whereby it doesn’t affect the plot whatsoever.

So, if the usage of sex in this book can be altered or taken out completely from the book without the plot being affected why put it in, in the first place? It just seems to me the author wanted to be edgy.

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Now, to the spoiler reviews because I need to rant or discuss a few things that I have an issue with regarding this book.

Regarding the overuse of sex in this book, I must say it seems quite unbelievable that all of the characters are really open about having sex or sharing sexual partners and I am quite disappointed in the character of Fara.

To me, she wasn’t written to be a sexually active teen. In my mind, she was a girl that in all honesty was a virgin or at least wasn’t so sexually experienced where after the first time she had sex with Gibbs it was all day everywhere type of sex.

This caused me to really question this aspect of the book because why was there so much sex involved??? Again, I ain’t no prude but some of them can be cut out.

Another sexual aspect I COMPLETELY DISAGREE AND DISAVOW AND IS DISAPPOINTED with this author and that is sexual relations between an adult and a minor. The first page of this book a teacher, YES A TEACHER, had a monologue that stated had she only been 10 years younger she would love to have sex with Gibbs.

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And then… AND THEN another inconsequential adult character knowingly had sex with a minor because so quote “it was in her bucket list”.

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Had the genders been reversed, there would be a bloody uproar but there isn’t one because the adult is a woman. This is GENDER INEQUALITY! If a man can go to jail and face social repercussions for having sex with a minor then a woman too should face the same repercussions.

Another issue, I had with this was there was this one scene that confused me it was when Khalil/Ray said to Fara what if Gibbs due to the accident was not as handsome as a ghost and it made me think oh okay he wasn’t there when they died so he doesn’t know how it happened.

But when I read the revealing plot of how the gang except Khalil/Ray died it was revealed that Khalil/Ray was there when the mass shooting happened and so he knows that Gibbs was shot in the abdomen (if I’m not mistaken) henceforth why did he ask the question of whether ghost Gibbs was still handsome?

Back to the Fara issue, I did not agree with how she was written and her inconsistent personality/characteristics. At first, I liked her a lot she seemed like a good change for the school but then you are telling me that after one night of sex with Gibbs and them going steady she was willing to be lenient on her stance regarding the school rules?┬áSo, you’re telling me she was a basic hoe all along? She was the same as all the girls? Do you know how disappointed I was.

Why couldn’t she stay the way she was before she dated Gibbs even after they were steady? Couldn’t she still be the righteous girl who also liked sex? The girl who was willing to compromise but not forgo altogether her beliefs, just for a man. Why did she have to change? Had she changed for the better then fine but this is just disappointing.

As for the writing, kan I said I could figure out the plot pretty easily from the get-go. This isn’t to say the author is a bad writer no. Her writing is great actually, it’s just the clues she puts into her books are so on the nose you have to literally be blatantly ignoring the clues to miss it especially if you have already passed the halfway mark hence I am just thinking she just needs experience in writing mystery type books.

Lastly, what is up with the ending? In the end, they all just follow Khalil/Ray around? So now Khalil/Ray seemingly suffers from some sort of mental disorder??? What? All that suspense the anguish the I went through was for this nonsensical ending??? The second book better be good. Haish.

Well, I did not expect this to be a rant review in the end.