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Yes, everybody, I have decided to do the Chloe Ting Challenge for my Fitness Journey 2.0!

Why you ask? (Me asking this to my hypothetical blog readers)

It’s because I have gained weight and am 76 kg now which is way off of my goal weight of being in the 60 – 65 kg range.

I decided to do the Chloe Ting challenge because she just released a new workout program called the 25 days Hourglass Challenge or also known as the Abs and Booty Challenge


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Every end of the week I will do a recap of my workouts and my thoughts and if I can I’ll include some gifs or videos of me working out and by posting it on my blog I will have more accountability (hopefully).

I mean my work life is shit, life in general is shit so I might as well get my shit together in the form of my fitness levels so at least whilst every other aspect of my life is hypothetically going up in flames… I can at least look hot for it.

My initial stats are as follows (please disregard my haggard hobo appearance…)

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This time for sure I will lose that remaining 10 – 16 kgs because I have for one Malaysia is under MCO so no eating out or going anywhere unless absolutely necessary and second Ramadan is here HENCEFORTH I will eat less because duh you can’t eat out and I will be fasting during the day due to Ramadan sooooo less caloric intake which then leads to WEIGHTLOSS!!

Will post my recap of the first few days doing the workouts tomorrow… check it out!