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Okay I definitely decided to do this challenge at the wrong timing because Day 1 of the challenge was when I was on day 2 of my period and boy was I dying from doing just 2 of Chloe Tings workout which was

 I thought I was like this during the workout
Abs And Legs Work Out Breathing In And Out GIF - AbsAndLegsWorkOut ...
But really I was more of this…

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Day 2 (17/4/2020)

Okay today was slightly better, I could do the workouts without feeling like I have Niagara Falls gushing between my legs and also I was motivated. Today was a shitty day workwise and I had thought okay just fuck it! Let me just get through this workout!

Let's get motivated! — MyFitnessPal.com

Day 3 (18/4/2020)

Today was active rest day so I spent the day doing my chores and washing my car heheheh

Day 4 (19/4/2020)

Yeah I didn’t workout today. For some reason I got diarrhea henceforth working out seemed like an impossibility but no worries! I shall just put all the workouts meant for today to Day 5!