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Day 5 (20/4/2020)

Because I didn’t workout on Day 4, I decided to just move the Day 4 workouts to Day 5 and seeing the workouts I have to do today I am questioning myself as to whether it was a good idea.

The workouts for today are as follows (mind you I am writing this at 11.22 am so this is just me planning the workout, I haven’t actually done them yet… I think I will film myself doing these workouts so you can see me dying…)

Love Handle Workout x2

9.23 pm

I just finished the workout and oh Lord… it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes… Yeah I took a lot of unnecessary breaks but hey I finished it… It’s done and dusted and OH MY GOD DOES IT FEEL GOOD. I just felt like dying throughout the whole workouts.

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You know what I think I will just post everyday all the workouts I did and then the Sunday post will be a recap of how I can improve and whatnot