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Day 6 (21/4/2020)

GUYS! GUYS! I actually finished ALL the workouts on Day 6. Even when I was tired (I started working out at 10.45 om) and I was sore (man workouts on Day 5 I could feel the burn on Day 6 alright), I PERSEVERED THROUGH AND PERSISTED AND I DID IT!

Workouts on Day 6 are as follows…

Legit did this workout half the time on brink of tears because I just COULD NOT FAM! COULD NOT!

Tell Me Why Singing GIF - TellMeWhy Singing IWantItThatWay ...

Then I thought hey lemme insert one workout that I enjoy ’cause the music is bomb so we have a nice little cardio in

I really like MadFit’s workouts they’re so much fun and easy to follow along but alas we had to continue on our treacherous trek towards the elusive BUBBLE BOOTY!

When I did the video above I went to a zen mode

Zen GIFs | Tenor

Finally, we reached the last video and let me tell you I did this with a breeze not because I was pumped to workout… no… I was pumped to get this shit over with.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-22 at 12.19.48 AM
i look like I just got mauled by a bear… a fitness bear named Chloe ting…

Day 7 (22/4/2020)

Today was an active rest day and I didn’t want to do another ab video so instead, I did cardio workouts in the form of K-Pop dancing and Jane Fonda aerobics! It was a lot of fun.