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Day 8

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Didn’t do shit guys…


Day 9

First day of Ramadhan! How ya’ll doing? I hope you’re doing great. My day was not so great… Had a bit of anxiousness due to work and cried… again… but hey work is work right?

I was supposed to do 5 workouts today but only did 4 because I really mentally could not do another fire hydrant or glute bridge or hip abductions for another video okay?!

Her workouts are getting to me.. It’s not that it’s too hard to do… no… it’s because it’s repetitive that I am going…

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One thing I did realize though, my abs are getting stronger (still no ab muscles sorry). I mean I can do…

  • Russian twists with my legs up
  • Hip dips aren’t as hard as they used to be
  • I am awesome at bicycle crunches now

So, any hoots today’s workout that I did was

Also, what did you guys eat for iftar? I just ate some “ayam masak lemak” which I must admit is pretty tasty… even I myself am shocked that what I cooked actually tasted good