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Day 10

Today was supposed to be rest day but I felt kind of okay so decided to do some upper body workouts and I chose Blogilates! ‘Cause I know Cassey has a ton of upper body workouts that don’t involve any planks or push ups or whatever.

I don’t know about you but Cassey’s workouts look so easy to do but then you actually do it you’re like” oh shit”.

Day 11

It’s getting to me guys. This challenge is getting to me mentally. I really did not want to do any workouts today. My back hurt. My feet hurt. My knee hurt. Don’t get me wrong all of these body pain isn’t because of the workouts but because of joint pains I have which I suspect is more due to my weight than anything.

But it’s disheartening la because I see online other people doing intense workouts involving burpees and push-ups and all those plyometric workouts and HIIT and here I am akin to an asthmatic walrus doing Chloe’s workout which mind you HAS NO JUMPING or any form of cardio…

I guess the mentality of will this even work is getting to me because I am currently in a plateau in terms of weightloss. I lost 23 kgs in a year and a half then gained 4 kgs and am now struggling to lose another 23 kgs (my new goal weight is 54 kgs in hopes that maybe when I am at my lightest my joints won’t be in as much pain as they are in now).

Also, Chloe babe seriously your workout songs have to change. Half my trauma with her workouts are her songs which I now have just muted and listen to my Spotify instead.

But anyhoots my boyfriend convinced me to do at least two workouts yesterday and so I did…



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I didn’t take pics for week 2 which I should have honestly but no worries I’ll take pics for week 3!

And wow.. I didn’t expect any results to be honest and seeing that half inch difference do give me a bit of hope…