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Day 12 (27/4/2020)

This is when I started to slip off the bandwagon guys… slowly slipping off. I am sorry guys. I just wasn’t feeling it and started to put off some of the workout to the next day

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Day 13 – 18 (28/4 – 3/5)

Okay in my defense I did workout albeit sporadically I just didn’t follow the schedule as planned and quite honestly I forgot which workouts I did and on which day which annoys me HENCE I SHALL RESTART FROM DAY 13!


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ugh I am disappointed in myself really at how week 2 went because this happens all the time. I always fall off the bandwagon after the 2 weeks mark. This workout challenge was more for discipline and now I gotta redo week 3. I mean I did workout but like I can’t remember what I did and it annoys me because I want to know that I did almost all of Chloe’s videos. huh.