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Day 14 (5/5/2020)

If you have read the previous post then you are aware I am repeating week 3 due to my being anxious at not doing the whole thing properly hence jeopardizing my own progress.

But anyhoots! I did yesterdays workout fine. I did it a bit late I started around 11 pm and finished around 1 am…. don’t judge that it took me 2 hours… I got distracted okay!

Other than that, I wanted to say that I have been trying out this new product called Kilafit which basically is a meal replacement which right now let’s be honest helps me tons with my caloric intake. I am not saying I am overeating quite the opposite, ever since Ramadan I have been eating too little and we all know eating too little will disrupt the BOOTY GAINS!

Also, since I actually enjoy consuming it I have decided to be one of their drop shippers! Ill share a link and if all ya’ll are interested to give this product a go!


I am gonna make another post talking about my experience consuming Kilafit and why I am using this product which I will post tomorrow (I have been procrastinating again hehehe)