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Yesterday I promised you guys on a post as to how I got to know and consume Kilafit and this is said post!

KILAFIT by Kilafairy | Shopee Malaysia

Now, I actually knew about this product when it first launched which was last year I think but didn’t want to give it a go then because I thought I didn’t need it. My workouts were on point, my eating habits were on fleek, and life was great in terms of “The Fitness Lifestyle”.

Then, it went completely downhill when I went into a plateau starting from early 2020. I just couldn’t get my life together basically. My eating was all over the place sometimes I would overeat but most time I would under-eat because I would be too busy with work and the things that I ate weren’t the healthiest.

Basically, I was stuck.

Then I remembered the product Kilafit by the Malaysian actress KilaFairy and thought hey why not? The product seems safe, it obtained all the necessary certificates to ensure that it is not only a quality product but also ensures its consumers that it’s healthy.

Kilafairy Lancar Produk Pelangsingan Badan KILAFIT | Sensasi Selebriti

I know I know what ya’ll gonna say, why don’t you just meal prep or buy protein powder? and lemme say I am a lazy fuck and protein powder and I just don’t mix. I would know I tried it and I don’t want to waste so much money on a protein powder that I might not like because have you seen the price? It costs so much!

And between work, and taking care of my niece and house chores as well as trying to be on top of my workouts, I just DO NOT have the time nor the energy to meal prep plus now its Ramadhan so I gotta put in the prayers to get into the good graces of the Lord as well.

I want something that I would genuinely enjoy and it has to be CONVENIENT for me. That’s the key factor… CONVENIENCE hence why Kilafit got into my life. So far I have been trying it out for two weeks now and I enjoy it. I still haven’t lost any substantial weight but that is to be expected because I just started.

I like consuming Kilafit so much I decided to try out to be their dropshipper in hopes that eventually I would get the money to be an agent. I’ll share the link below if you guys are interested to try Kilafit yourself.


I think I have babbled enough tomorrow I’ll share with you guys my Day 15 & Day 16 update as well as the benefits of consuming Kilafit 😀