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Munafik is the Malay counterpart of the Arabic word munafiqun or munafiq meaning hypocrite but in the context of Islam it brings the meaning of a false Muslim; one who inwardly conceals their disbelief in Islam and propagates against it either in their hearts or amongst the disbelievers of Islam.

I found the movie to be very enjoyable surprisingly because I am not one to watch horror movies especially Malaysian horror movies (although I have to admit the Malaysian movie scene is getting progressively better).

The plot was relatively straightforward and easy to follow. My problem with the plot was that there were loopholes in the plot making me unable to be enraptured at certain points.

For example, what happened to Fazli Maria’s boyfriend? He went and beat up Ustaz Adam and then what? Did he die? Was there a police report? What is his ending?

Another example is why at the end of the movie Maria’s father could walk again? Was it the power of the devil channeling through him enabling him to walk? Also, there’s this one part where I can’t remember exactly when but Ustaz Adam just up and left Maria’s step-mom alone what with her disabled husband missing and step-daughter also missing after being possessed and I’m here like umm is nobody going to call the authorities? I get this is an Islamic movie but this is still in Malaysia, I am quite sure the Malaysian Police still handles missing person cases.

The plot twist at the end blew my mind though because I did not see that coming and was like whaaaaaa????

Plot aside, I really found Nabila Huda who plays Maria in the movie to be the best part of this movie. She is such a great actress, I truly believed her fear and the stress she was undergoing what with her being in a hit and run and then being gaslit by her family and not knowing what is going on. The rest of the actors were okay but nothing special.

The horror elements were quite nice in this movie. There was two aspects to it, the supernatural and the mental horror. Supernatural is the usual jump scare, hantu type of deal but the mental one is what I like. Ustaz Adam just lost his family in a horrific car accident and it is affecting him, he says he is moving on but we all know he ain’t and its taking a huge toll on him mentally and you start to wonder is he up for the job?

My fav part of this mental thing is when he kind of has a mental breakdown and digs up his wife’s grave to get her corpse and show his son that she is indeed truly dead and then when I am at the edge of my seat thinking SHIT THIS USTAZ IS OFF HIS ROCKERS HE IS GOING TO STRANGLE HIS KID TO DEATH that it cuts scene to him waking up from this nightmare and I am like fuuuh mimpi rupanya…

Overall, I thought the movie is great I just did not like how dark it was. I understand its a horror movie, Islamic supernatural horror at that but come on man no house is that dark all the time? and the hospital? Have you ever seen a government hospital dark??

I also did not like how the movie low key disses Maria for taking her depression pills. Hey, taking medication and seeing a medical professional for your mental health is not wrong okay. so, don’t portray it as such and insinuating that you just have to be more religious and do more religious stuff so your mental problems will go away. Why can’t you do both?

Okay, that is my review of Munafik and bruh I watched Munafik 2 and boy do I have thoughts.

I might also do a video review of these two movies although I am unsure when I will upload them