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I gained weight again guys. I gained 10 kgs. All that hard work I put into losing 23 kgs is literally half gone because I put back 10 kgs so easily. I wanted to say just as easily as I had lost it but we all know I worked my ass off to lose that 23 kgs.

It’s just so hard for me to accept I gained back that 10 kgs. Part of me kind of understands how I gained it all back but the other part is still in denial thinking this can’t be real, this is not happening. Over-dramatic I know but hey I am a drama queen.

I think how I gained back the weight even though my exercise routine or fitness is relatively the same or even more active than before is that I got a car and with getting a car my freedom to go anywhere is pretty much unlimited and that allowed me to frequent fast-food joints quite regularly.

I think I don’t but if you really put pen to paper it does add up; a little ice cream here, some Subway cookies there eventually those calories I am consuming will outnumber the calories I am burning. I know it’s my fault but how do I stop having such an unhealthy relationship with fast food?


Why do I even eat it? Is it the convenience of it all? Is it because for that short span of time as I eat it, it makes me happy? What?

I understand this is just a setback, this happens to everybody, I just gotta do what I did the first round.

Self-discipline and keep at it.

It’s just really hard to not reach out for fast food as a semblance of control when my whole life is spinning out of control.

I am trying really hard to keep afloat but I am struggling so much, not just with the weight loss but everything.