Say You Love Me by Johanna Lindsey

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Want to know whether to read Say You Love Me by Johanna Lindsey? Here’s my full review to help you decide.

Say You Love Me Review

Say You Love Me is my first Johanna Lindsey book and I truly regret listening to the audiobook. I regret it because the narrator is horrendous!

The voice that the narrator used was very nasally and it made the hero sound like a simpering man. That is not main character energy. It completely took me out of any immersion I had for the book.

Plot-wise the book was okay, it was inconvenient though how the book talked about other characters from the same series of which I have not read. I would have preferred if Say You Love Me was more of a standalone book.

The ending was too convenient for me and combined with the book not being much of a standalone book and the narrators voice, the book left a bad impression on me.

Which to be honest, is a shame because hidden mistress to wife-ish trope is my favorite trope in smut manga.

Overall, I do not recommend for anybody to listen to the audiobook version and instead just read the hardcopy version because your girl WAS TRAUMATIZED.

Say You Love Me Synopsis

Title: Say You Love Me

Author: Johanna Lindsey

Published: December 1st 1997

Publisher: Avon Books

Rating: 3/5

Left penniless and in dire straits, Kelsey Langton realizes that only by allowing herself to be sold at auction can she rescue her sister’s future. So the proud, desperate lady enters the infamous House of Eros, resigned to becoming some well-heeled gentleman’s plaything — and Lord Derek Malory is the highest bidder for Kelsey’s charms.

A handsome and irredeemable scoundrel, Derek soon draws the sensuous, unsuspecting maiden into a world of unparalleled pleasures and dangerous rivalries. But Kelsey knows she must always guard the secret of her highborn past — even as her grace, spirit, and beauty entice her new “master” to renounce his scandalous ways and take a gamble on true love.

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