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Welcome to my blog! My name is Ezza Syuhada and I’m a bibliophile and BJJ practitioner (still a spazzfest of a whitebelt) on a weight loss journey.

My reading tastes are quite simple where I can be easily entertained by a good historical romance or a murder mystery novel but I can quite confidently say, I am keen to read other books when the curiosity arises.

My weight loss journey on the other hand is anything but simplistic. To be honest with you, I had previously gone on a weight loss journey whereby I successfully lost 23kgs within a span of 1 year but alas my success didn’t last long as I gained back the weight AND MORE!

Hence why I am once more on a weight loss journey to attain that elusive healthy weight and hopefully along the way achieve a body that will no longer have joint pain or creaky joints!

On my blog, I want to share the ups and downs of weight loss and how it is non-linear as well as the toll it has on you both mentally, emotionally, and physically especially when previously you did lose the weight only to gain it all back.

I also want to share my BJJ journey, sharing what I know, all the tips I learned in my journey as a jiujiteira.

And also most importantly, to share my love of books duh!

I hope my blog helps you in any way it can and happy reading!

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