7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

7 Islamic Books To Read During Ramadhan

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7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

Hello fellow bloggers! Are you looking for Islamic books to read during Ramadhan to bring yourself closer to God especially now during the holiest month of the year.

Then, read ahead because I have the blog post for you!

Methodology For the Study of the Quran by Imran Hosein

methodology for the study of the quran 7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

I recommend this book because I love listening to the lectures of Sheikh Imran Hosein. His teachings of Islam in my opinion is very logical and makes a lot of sense. You can find his lectures free on Youtube and best part is you can get all his e-books for free on his website.

Where to get it?

Sheikh Imran Hosein Website

Secrets of Divine Love: A Spiritual Journey into the Heart of Islam

7 islamic books to read during ramadhan secrets of divine love by A. Helwa

Secrets of Divine Love is a great Islamic book that is impactful as it discusses Islam and its rituals as well as its meaning and philosophy to help us view not only the world but ourselves in a different light. I like this book because it reminds me of God’s kindness and the beauty He has created and I should really take time to appreciate it.

Where to get it?

Amazon | Kinokuniya | Book Depository | MPH | Iman Shoppe

Light For The Lost Soul by Mizz Nina

7 islamic books to read during ramadhan light for the lost soul by mizz nina

Light for the lost soul is a book that would benefit people who like the title says is a lost soul; a soul looking for something but not even knowing what it is they’re looking for. The book speaks to me on so many levels because after years of living a hedonistic lifestyle, I start to realize something was missing. Don’t get me wrong, the hedonistic lifestyle is a lot of fun but once you’re almost 30, the lifestyle does start to feel empty.

Hence, reading on Mizz Nina’s spiritual and religious journey of self-discovery and self-development, makes me feel like I am not alone in searching for something more.

Where to get it?

Iman Shoppe | MPH | Amazon | Kinokuniya

A History of Islam in 21 Women by Hossein Kamaly

a history of islam in 21 women 7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

This book is so good! It sheds light onto the women who helped shape Islam to be what it is today. Not only that, it shows that historical Islamic women were no pushovers, they are strong independent and intelligent women. This book in my opinion should be read by all Muslim women to instill hope in us that if they can be bad ass women, we too can be bad ass!

Plus, reading about the love between Khadijah (ra) and Prophet Muhammad is so romantic.

Where to get it?

MPH | Amazon | Book Depository | Kinokuniya

Blessed Names and Attributes of Allah by Abdur Raheem Kidwai

blessed names and attributes of Allah 7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

In Ramadhan, the most holy of months, we should strive to understand and contemplate the names of Allah and this book helps us with that what with having the original Arabic as well as its translation into English. Because I will be honest with you, I don’t remember all 99 names of Allah so I need to work on that.

Where to get it?

Iman Shoppe | Amazon | Book Depository

Believing Women in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qu’ran by Asma Barlas

believing women in islam 7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

I am a feminist and maybe leaning a tad bit too much to misandry, this is caused by the cultural understanding that Malaysian society has of Islam. This cultural understanding is very patriarchal and when misused causes abuse with religion as its cover. Being part of the abused, I refuse to accept blindly that the religion I love would condone this thus I believe this book will show insight on how Islam is a an egalitarian religion.

Where to get it?

Amazon | Book Depository | Kinokuniya

Befriending the Qu’ran: A Beginner’s Guide for Nurturing Closeness to the Qu’ran by Ayesha Syahira

befriending the quran 7 islamic books to read during ramadhan

This book is a great start to slowly build your relationship with the Qu’ran. The way I see the Qu’ran is how Shrek describes what an Ogre is to Donkey; like an onion with multiple layers that you need to slowly decipher. Thus, like cutting an onion, there are many ways to avoid burning your eyes and this book is one of many ways to help you on your Qu’ran journey.

Where to get it?

Kinokuniya | Iman Shoppe

So, there we have it 7 books I recommend for you to read during Ramadhan! Do share with me what are your recommended reads during Ramadhan?

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