chapter 1: make your mark (a jogging diary - week 1)

Chapter 1: Make Your Mark (A Jogging Diary – Week 1)

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Chapter 1: Make Your Mark (A Jogging Diary) is my Week 1 entry for my 7 weeks to 4k journey whereby I update on my workouts, my jogging pace, and speed as well as weekly caloric intake.

The reason I say 7 weeks to 4k is due to the fact that my cousins and I signed up for a 4km fun run in September and I optimistically stated that I wanted to jog THE WHOLE 4km not taking into account the last time I jogged was when I was 35kgs lighter.

So, you can essentially say that I might have bitten off more than I can chew (nothing new here to be quite honest).

Chapter 1: Make Your Mark (A Jogging Diary - Week 1)

But have no fear I have started training and hopefully by the time the fun run happens I can at least jog 2km non-stop. Let’s not give up on ourselves just yet.

Now, why did I choose Chapter 1: Make Your Mark as the title?

The reason was extremely simple. I just finished watching HBO Barry which I found to be so refreshingly funny and I obviously loved it and cannot wait for Season 4.

Hence, the titles for the weekly entries of my jogging diary shall be based on the titles of Barry’s episodes from Season 1. Again I must reiterate for you to watch Barry if you haven’t yet.

8th August was officially day 1 of my jogging training and the plan for the week was as follows:

  • Jogged/Walked a minimum of 3x within the week
  • Ensure that I ate within the weekly caloric intake (this is for my weight loss journey mainly)

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many stats to keep track of so I kept everything simple.

The question now remains on whether I managed to fulfill the plan and expectations I set for myself and the answer is yes. Truly if I couldn’t even do these two things, it’s honestly a disgrace.

I have set the bar so low for me to achieve, it is literally in hell.

Here are the workouts that I did.

With Week 1 over what have, I learned?

  1. Use thick and proper socks when you jog
  2. Warm up really well before you jog
  3. Drink a protein shake post-workout so at least then you won’t accidentally fall asleep when you get home that you accidentally miss dinner and consequently not eat enough for the day
  4. When jogging outside ensure you are using insect repellant

There we have it! My Week 1 jogging diary entry!

A little haphazard, a little all over the place but it’s done and dusted, and now the plan for Week 2!

The plan I have in store for Week 2 is:

  • Jog/Walk 4-5x a week (Total jog time cumulatively must be a minimum of 15 mins)
  • Track meals

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