4 books i read with juicy plot twists

4 Books I Read With Juicy Plot Twists

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4 books i read with juicy plot twists

We all love reading books with juicy plot twists, the juicier the better.

Thus, here is a list of books that I feel have juicy plot twists that will surely titillate your bookish senses.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

the silent patient alex michaelides 4 books i read with juicy plot twists

The Silent Patient when it was first published, was a hit in all the bookish scene. Be it the Booktube Community to the Bookstagram community, everybody was raving about it!

At the time, I didn’t bring myself to read it because of all the hype. I didn’t want to be disappointed.

When a book has that much hype, especially since it’s a debut novel, can you blame me for being skeptical? I have been burned many times over hype but boy was I wrong about The Silent Patient.

This book is so worth the hype! The ending truly BLEW MY MIND! When reading it, I could not help but think the clues were all there. Why did I not see it?

The simplicity of the plot twist and how the author interspersed Greek mythology into the plot were just magnificent!

I highly recommend this book. But now we are in another conundrum because will the authors second book be just as good? The only w

You can read my review for The Silent Patient here.

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The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

the hunting party lucy foley 4 books i read with juicy plot twists

I was intrigued to read The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley because I have previously read another book of hers which was The Guest List.

Whilst, I didn’t enjoy The Guest List as much as I would hope, the author’s writing did leave an impact on me that I took a chance in reading more of her books. It also helps that the cover is bright yellow and I am a sucker for any bright colors.

The Hunting Party is very reminiscent of Agatha Christie, at least for me it is, where the scene is set and a murder happens and you have to figure out who had killed whom and most importantly why.

I thought that my detective skills (acquired through a somewhat unhealthy obsession with true crime) would help me ascertain who the killer is but alas the author’s red herrings and misdirection was just too good for me to unveil.

In my defense, I was pretty close to the truth but I definitely did not foresee the plot twist.

I really enjoyed this plot twist because the antagonist was not who I expected it to be and their motive was most definitely not what I imagined. The Hunting Party is a fun beach read although the setting is in an isolated snowy mountain.

You can read my review for The Hunting Party here.

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Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie

five little pigs agatha christie 4 books i read with juicy plot twists


Five Little Pigs was my very first introduction to Agatha Christie. My best friend had been trying so hard to convince me to read one of her books but me being stubborn I kept putting it off up until she just gifted Five Little Pigs to me as a Christmas gift.

And let me tell you, I WAS HOOKED!

I could not for the life of me figure out who was the killer! Everybody had their own motive and their own flimsy alibi so who would it be? Would it be the wife? The mistress? The friend who is so in love with the wife of the victim?

I was looking like Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, writing down all my theories and how it went down and when it was revealed. I WAS BAMBOOZLED!

Bamboozled as to how obvious everything was. It was all there right under my very nose! This shows me that sometimes the best plot twist doesn’t necessarily have to be so bombastic, some good plot twists are very simple.

It’s the execution that makes it look incredible.

Thus, Five Little Pigs goes on my list of books with juicy plot twists.

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Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

the murder of roger ackroyd agatha christie 4 books i read with juicy plot twists

Now, had I read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd first, this book would have been my first and possibly ONLY recommendation of Agatha Christie’s books to have such a mind-blowing plot twist.

Let us be real who haven’t read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd are MISSING OUT!

We follow what seems to be a run-of-the-mill Agatha Christie whodunit novel and we are sucked into the coziness of it. The feel of it. Trying our darndest to figure out who could it be? Who is the killer?

The things that made this book so good for me and might I say for most readers is how Agatha Christie uses our trust AGAINST US!

The story is so simple but the plot twist was just so mind-blowing due to its simplicity. It is just insane. One of my favorite Agatha Christie books. I read this book ages ago so I don’t have a review up anymore but I definitely recommend it.

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These are the four books that jump out at me when I think of books that have juicy plot twists. Other books, whilst they are enjoyable and good just doesn’t have that lasting impact one would hope for. I hope you enjoyed this post and do share with me your recommendations of books with juicy plot twists.


These are not affiliate links, so I do not get any money if you choose to buy the books from these links. I just wanted to share where you can get the books.

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