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I have yet to do my 2021 reading wrap up be it in my blog or my BookTube because I suck at it. But, I recently watched a 2021 reading wrap up by BookTuber Stories for Coffee whereby she did a booktag and hence I decided I too shall do the Book Postscript Tag for my own reading wrap up.

The longest book you read this year and the book that took you the longest to finish

2021 was the year I slowly went out of my reading slump and it is quite surprising to see that the longest book I read was a YA book especially a Rick Riordan one at that.

Magnus Chase is a book I enjoyed reading but wished it read less like middle-grade but overall nothing inherently wrong with it. It was just not the right fit for me anymore.

This book was the bane of my 2021 existence. I hate it so much. Even made a few rant review videos on it if you’re interested.

A book you read this year that was outside your comfort zone

Everything I never Told You About by Celeste Ng is a depressing book. This book was outside my comfort zone because it dealt with serious topics such as familial pressure as well as unresolved childhood trauma both on the children themselves as well as the childhood of the parents. I definitely recommend this book but do go into it with caution.

How many books did you re-read this year?

Favorite re-read of the year

None my dudes… None

A book you read for the first time this year that you look forward to re-reading in the future

I am not a big fan of re-reading books. Harry Potter books are the exception and that is more towards the feeling of nostalgia.

Favorite single short story or novella that you read this year

No short stories but a HELLA ton of manga of the smut category. What can I say, the drawings are pretty, the story short and mind numbing and that is what’s needed after a long day at work.

Mass appeal: A book you liked and would recommend to a wide variety of readers

I previously read The Guest List by Lucy Foley and absolutely despised the ending and the NEVER ENDING plot twists. Truly the plot TWISTS in that book was telenovela worthy. The Hunting Party on the other hand was just nice and really enjoyable as you try to figure out who is the culprit.

I have a video review on Ayesha at Last and I really enjoyed this book because it was nice seeing good Muslim representation and it is a very loose retelling of Pride and Prejudice which is one of my favorite classics (the only classic I have ever read to be honest)

Specialized appeal: A book you liked but would be hesitant to recommend to just anyone

Reflect on your year as a bookish content creator

2021 was a pretty good reading year as I read 31 books. Did I achieve all my reading goals? No, because I achieved none of my reading goals nor any goals I created I set out for myself as a bookish content creator.

But, I read some good books last year that widened my perspective on life and that’s all I can ask for when reading. Next year, my reading goals will gear more towards just being consistent because you never know what life throws at you.

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