miss honeyfield and the dark duke by audrey ashwood

Miss Honeyfield and the Dark Duke by Audrey Ashwood

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Want to know whether to read Miss Honeyfield and the Dark Duke by Audrey Ashwood? Here’s my full review to help you decide

Miss Honeyfield and the Dark Duke Review

Miss Honeyfield and The Dark Duke is a historical romance I do not recommend to anyone whatsoever.

Not that, the book writes upon sensitive or even taboo topics but more towards the fact that the book is horrendously dull and boring.

Minerva Honeyfield, our female protagonist, is unfunnily stupid. She sounds like a spoiled child, calling everyone and everything boring when honestly she is the boring one with her incessant complaining. 

Within the context of this plot has been sent to live in the countryside with her aunt and uncle due to her passion for writing novels which have caused her to refuse a slew of suitors for she will not marry unless and until a man will allow her to have the freedom to be herself.

You would think the novel she is writing will be at the bare minimum interesting to read considering the author went out of her way to actually include snippets of it in this book itself but alas Minerva Honeyfield is not the best of writers nor does she have much imagination for it. 

The story of this book is interesting in theory for we must uncover who would want to kill the Duke’s lovely wife and why was he to be blamed but the execution of it is lackluster at best.

It was so lackluster in fact and combined with the abysmal plot pacing that when it was finally revealed, my mind completely blanked out because I just did not care about it any longer. 

I just wanted the end to come and my suffering to end.

I chose to read this book, by the way, due to the cover being so pretty, it’s rare nowadays to see historical romance with pretty covers, most of them including by authors I enjoy look like the cover was made in T.J. Maxx.

Thus, will I recommend Miss Honeyfield and The Dark Duke by Audrey Ashwood? No… Not even on my worst enemy no.

Miss Honeyfield and the Dark Duke Synopsis

miss honeyfield and the dark duke by audrey ashwood

Title: Miss Honeyfield and the Dark Duke

Author: Audrey Ashwood

Published: January 26th 2019

Publisher: Independently published

Review: 1/5

They say he has a black heart.

They say he is cold, unscrupulous, and dangerous.

They say he killed a woman out of jealousy.

Robert Beaufort, the Duke of Scuffold, has returned to the castle of his forefathers. To be seen with him means the ruin of any woman’s reputation. When Miss Minerva Honeyfield stumbles upon the duke in an enchanted glade, deep in the forest, it is too late to heed her aunt’s warnings.

Her indecent encounter is the most exciting event that has ever happened to Minerva – and also the most dangerous one. Despite knowing that this man is ominous and menacing, Minerva is unable to shield herself from her fascination with the Duke of Scuffold.

While Minerva struggles to resign herself to longing for a man who will destroy her name and possibly even threaten her life, her mother suddenly falls into mortal danger – and all indications point to the dark duke.

Has Minerva truly lost her heart to a ruthless murderer

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