How to use Pustaka Book Bear services

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What is Pustaka Book Bear services?

Pustaka Book Bear service is a book borrowing service provided by Pustaka Sarawak for its members.

The Book Bear service was created during Malaysia’s MCO phase whilst battling the COVID pandemic to help ease the burden of booklovers such as myself who want to borrow books but can’t.

This book lending service is still ongoing at least until further notice and it has helped me so much especially when I am swamped with work and can’t physically go to the library to borrow books.

Being a broke Queen, you gotta do what you gotta do to get reading materials.

Where can Pustaka Book Bear services be used?

Unfortunately, the Pustaka Book Bear Services are only limited to three Pustaka Sarawak libraries; Pustaka Kuching, Pustaka Sibu and Pustaka Miri.

On the bright side, if you live within 20 km radius from the library, delivery is COMPLETELY FREE!

How to use Pustaka Book Bear services

  1. You have to register to be a Pustaka library
  2. Download the “Angka.sa2” app
  3. Browse through the book listings in the app
  4. Request for the chosen books via Whatsapp to the following numbers (listed below)
  5. Choose whether you would like the book to be delivered to you or you will pick it up from the library




And that is it! Borrowing books using Pustaka Book Bear services is easy peasy. I hope this helps you in your book borrowing journey!


FAQ book Bear pustaka

How many books can I borrow

With Pustaka Sarawak you can borrow a maximum of 10 books.

How long can the books be borrowed

The length you can borrow books from Pustaka Sarawak is 2 weeks (which is unfortunate of you ask me).

How many times can books be renewed

UNLIMITED!!!! I have borrowed a book from Pustaka Sarawak for a whole year! I just kept renewing it!

How much is the late fee

The fine for late return with Pustaka Sarawak is RM 0.50 per book/per day.

Do not make my mistake and return it late, I once had to pay RM 60 in late fee fine… It was painful parting with that money.

Will I be reminded to return/renew the books

Yes you will! Pustaka Sarawak will send you a text message to remind you that you should either renew or return the books.

Does Book Bear services include return of books

Unfortunately, for now, the Book Bear Services does not include services in returning the books back to Pustaka Sarawak.

How do I return the books

There’s two ways to return the books.

The first is to book drop it at the Pustaka of your area.

The second is to return it back to the counter of the Pustaka of your area.

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